St. Just Free Church - Wesleyan Reform Union
Weekly Sunday service at 10.30am, all are welcome.
St. Just Free Church


Non-Conformist Christian Church

St. Just Free Church is a non-conformist Christian Church which has the teaching of the Gospel at its heart.  Its proper title of “Methodist Free Church”, as shown on the plaque at the front, gives a clue as to its roots.  It is the smallest of the three place of Christian worship in this town, the others being the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Chapel Road (a.k.a. the St. Just Miners’ Chapel), and the much older and historic Anglican Parish Church of St. Just, next to Market Square.

The Minister is Pastor Geoff Cottam who came to us, with his wife Esther, in January 2018.  His most obvious role is that of leading the regular Sunday Worship, with this and other aspects of his work being supported by members of this Church.  He sometimes stands aside to welcome other worship leaders from elsewhere who either live locally or who come down from up-country on holiday.   Everyone is welcome to join us in our services of Christian Worship.

For information about the day-to-day running of the Church, see the final paragraph under “CONSTITUTION”.

This Church actively supports other charities,  especially local needs.

Wesleyan Reform UnionWesleyan Reform Union of Churches

St. Just Free Church is affiliated to the Wesleyan Reform Union of Churches (WRU).  The Free Church here in St. Just is the sole representative of this denomination in the west of England, the next nearest being at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

Pattern of Worship

The pattern of worship here is entirely the responsibility of the leader of each act of worship (Free by name, and Free by nature!), though this can, and often is, interspersed with contributions from the members and any others who may be attending our worship.  Usually, it consists of a selection of hymns or worship songs, prayers, readings from the Bible, and a talk or sermon.  Being a non-conformist denomination, there is no requirement to follow a set liturgy, the pattern varying from meeting to meeting.


The Free Church is in fellowship with all other Churches who recognise the authority of the Word of God,  The Holy Bible.  All preaching and teaching is from Scripture, illuminated by the Holy Spirit.  We are in Christian Unity with all who recognise that Salvation is through Jesus Christ and him alone.  We encourage all to attend our Bible Study which is Tuesday evenings at 7.15pm and all are invited to our Prayer Meeting, Thursday afternoons at 2pm.

Our Sunday Service commences at 10.30 am.  All are welcome to attend and there is a time of  fellowship in the Church Hall after the service.